Title #26

The Forest Wants to Burn

Essays about life events we think we can’t endure, can’t change, and learn to admire.  Insights from broken people with hopeful perspectives.


Title #25

When a Shadow Becomes Sharp

Survival guide for people looking to the past for answers to today’s stark realities.  Grab a beer and a pillow, for this book will take you to the depths of despair and back – to do it all over again tomorrow.

Title #24

What Happened to Nirvana?

Not a book about the band, but how to band together in a world you never imagined.  For those who’ve lost their children, their parents, their friends, their pets…and their friend’s children, parents, friends, and pets…and the ultimate loss of idealism.

Title #23

How to Get Old in Just Three Months!

Stop your kvetching!  Embracing the idea (and the reality) of getting old is the best therapy for forgetting what it’s like to fight time.  Fighting time is so exhausting, it will add years to your life.  Stop the madness and enjoy your wrinkles, gray hair, bad knees, sagging eyelids, slow digestion, flabby thighs, and loss of sex drive!

Title #22

“Wili” Wonka and the Perfume Factory

Blow-by-blow instruction manual on how to survive a night at the ballet (Giselle (and the wilies, to be exact)), surrounded by rich, old-lady perfumes without an inhaler or a surgical mask.  See special insert on what to do with the hairdo-bigger-than-your-head-sitting-in-front-of-you-so-you-can’t-see-the-stage.

Title #21

The Organ Grinder’s Monkey

It’s not what you think.  A new musical…by Peter.

Title #20

When I Grow Up, I Want to be Tall

Growing up doesn’t always mean growing taller.  The everyday exercise book designed to help you grow up, not taller.